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We partner with talented Chefs in Los Angeles area to achieve their dream of opening a successful restaurant.

We also offer services to international and local clients on all aspects of restaurant investments and operations.

Our consulting services are provided in English, French, and Spanish. 

Chef Enhanc​ement 

International & Domestic Investment 

Restaurant Franchise 

Restaurant Operations ​

Insight from our CEO

Caroline Beaurin, MBA, FWS, CSW, CSA


"My passion is to turn a vision into a reality by helping restaurant owners and Chefs achieve their full potential in the hospitality industry. Whether it is about a new business project or making a current business better, I am here to help make the day to day easier within our amazing industry"


What I love about the hospitality industry (besides the obvious, food) is that individuals with a fantastic work ethic, creative vision, and strong desire to impact those around them can have a chance at success building a restaurant.

We all know the stories of small family owned restaurants that turn into successful multi-location businesses. Artists, chefs, and businessmen alike have successfully opened and expanded their business brand throughout all of history. I have worked in Los Angeles within companies and consulted businesses that were founded decades ago on a dream and a few dollars in their pockets. The opportunity is inspiring and beautiful.

In current times though, the landscape looks much different than it did 10 years, or even 5 years ago. Budding restaurant visionaries must now business plan within a digital landscape. The ability to impact a global audience with virality has changed the way we market and reach new consumer groups. There has been an increase in state and federal regulations. New technologies have significantly improved and optimized supply chain and operations management.

This looks much different than the 1990’s mom and pop shop turned national chain; in both positive and negative ways. There is so much opportunity and there is also so much to learn.

As a restaurant owner, there is a balance between (1) what I called the "fun" floor part; welcoming your guests, food tasting with the chef, wine tasting with suppliers, inspiring and motivating your team and (2) the "business" office part: food and beverage cost control, payroll, scheduling, hiring, training, profit & loss statement, ordering, invoicing etc.

Both are essential to the business for success and both have made huge strides in technology and consumer expectations. I started my consulting company on the premise that we aim to bridge the gap for restaurant owners, whatever that gap may be.

Bringing industry knowledge, understanding of state & federal regulations, business planning expertise, technology integration opportunities, preferred suppliers, and market research from the field, Beaurin Walde Hospitality Consulting is equipped to help established restaurants adopt all the advances in process and technology available and to help those looking to invest into a restaurant venture succeed in the current landscape.

Let us help. Reach out for your free consultation call. 



Optimize your restaurant’s profitability, market, or operations. 

We provide real, custom solutions with packages for each specific function/task of a restaurant. Our packages have concrete action plans, business workbooks, guidelines, best practices, and forms on demand for your size and shape business. 


Build on your concept from ideation to business planning and execution.

Did you have a food concept ready? Do you have a business plan? Do you know the difference between buying an existing restaurant and building one from scratch?

Building a restaurant from scratch gives control over the layout, the kitchen productivity, and the interior design. We can guide you through the different options and regulations so you can make the right decision for your budget and concept.



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